Demons? Come On, Let’s Be Reasonable!

God’s word clearly teaches that we wrestle not (ultimately) against flesh and blood. In fact, the spiritual fight is so much more the ultimate one that Eph. 6:12 omits the parenthetical disclaimer. But the Church today too often teaches just the opposite: that we wrestle not (ultimately) against principalities and powers and spiritual forces of wickedness in high places. Sure, they’re out there somewhere, but they aren’t our primary foe. Don’t concern yourself with the demonic. Our real enemy is Planned Parenthood, or the ACLU, or liberals in high national office, or state governors, or amateur criminals, or narcissist control freaks, or the unpleasant gossiping marm at the office, etc. Yes, these are very real enemies of the kingdom of God, but Ephesians 6:12 tells us that they are secondary enemies; our primary foe is the principalities and powers behind them in the spiritual realm. Why is the Church so often missing this? When something looks like a demon, and sounds like a demon, and smells like a demon, why are we so persistently reluctant to acknowledge that maybe it is, in fact, a demon? Why are we so prone to perform the most outrageous intellectual gymnastics in an attempt to find some naturalistic explanation, rather than simply accepting the obvious?